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Securatrak is the Australasian provider for world leading telematics provider Geotab.

Securatrak is a Gold Partner of Telstra meaning we offer Telstra customers the best possible solutions and support.

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Securatrak is Australasia's most progressive and advanced GPS vehicle tracking company. As a GPS vehicle tracking market leader we provide complete tracking solutions, including the provision of vehicle GPS tracking devices designed to help companies manage their entire fleet requirements.

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Securatrak's GPS Fleet Tracking solutions help companies to reduce on-road costs and increase fleet efficiency, while improving driver performance and safety and safeguarding against risks including driver fatigue. 
Advantages of fleet GPS Tracking
Time management
Improve route efficiencies
Save on fuel and reduce vehicle wear
Track each vehicle in your fleet in real time
Manage driver risk and fatigue
Adhere to WH&S legislation
How does Fleet Tracking Work? 
Each vehicle is fitted with a GPS fleet tracking device that accurately reports its route and location (latitude and longitude) in real time, and how much time is spent at each location. The device emits an audible alert when the driver corners or brakes harshly or when they speed. The complete Securatrak system incorporates the fleet tracking device and, when used in conjunction with the fleet management software, allows companies to identify inefficiencies and provide valuable insight on fuel consumption and driver activity.