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Biggest Business Trends for 2017
16 Feb 2017   |   Articles
The ways of business have been changing at accelerated rates in the past couple of years, and it can be difficult for companies, big and small, to keep up. So what is the prognosis for 2017 to keep afloat?
Last date for Geotab GO4 Reconnections!
07 Feb 2017   |   News
Geotab has announced that from April 1st 2017 they will no longer RECONNECT GO4 devices.
Add-vantage: How IoT is shaping business Growth
02 Feb 2017   |   Articles
Data analytics made easy for better cost management and productivity boost

Christmas Closing Time 2016/17
08 Dec 2016   |   News
Securatrak offices nationally will close for a little over a week over the holiday season, from 5pm on Thursday, 22nd December,  and will be returning on Tuesday, 3rd January, 2017.

Are you using these reports to save money?
01 Dec 2016   |   Articles
Using the data collected by your GPS vehicle tracking device, there are a number of key standard reports that are valuable to driving down your fleet costs. The way in which you interpret this data can be the difference in saving thousands of dollars on unnecessary costs each year. 
The value of IVMS in meeting NDIS requirements in Not for Profits (NFP)
23 Nov 2016   |   Articles|News
It’s been called the biggest shake up since Medicare. In essence, the way Not for Profits (NFP) get funded is set to change. Individuals with disabilities will be afforded unprecedented power to choose and engage with different service providers for support services they require. 

What does this means to NFP’s that operate fleet vehicles to carry out their service?

Getting to know Fleet Complete!
15 Nov 2016   |   News
While we announced recently that we have been acquired by Fleet Complete, we want to give you the opportunity to learn more about the team and company as a whole.

Fleet Complete acquires Securatrak
01 Nov 2016   |   News
Fleet Complete®, an award-winning IoT company in innovative software development for fleet, asset and mobile workforce management solutions, continues its global expansion through the acquisition of Australian-based Securatrak. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed. MHT Partners served as exclusive advisors to Fleet Complete.

6 Keys to a Productive Driver’s Day!
24 Oct 2016   |   Articles
As a business owner, having visibility and an understanding of your driver’s daily operations can be the difference in making five extra trips per day, per driver. Imagine what this would mean for your business?

Securatrak Supports Mystery Box Rally for Cancer Research
18 Oct 2016   |   News
Recently, Securatrak sponsored #Becauserallycar driven by Danni Reynolds and Ray Dicker in the SA Mystery Box Rally 2016, to help raise much needed funds for the Cancer Council.
In Vehicle Management Systems "The Productivity Pillar"
11 Oct 2016   |   Articles
In this final article of a four part series, we close the loop in using Vehicle Tracking technology to improve your company’s financial and competitive advantage.  In all four articles we have discussed grouping the return on investment (ROI) into Three Pillars, which were, Safety, Productivity and Fleet Optimisation. In this article we will discuss and provide examples of how Corporations across Australia and the World are utilising In Vehicle Management Systems (IVMS) to support their Companies Productivity needs.

Introducing Naveen
31 Aug 2016   |   News
It gives us great pleasure to introduce to you Naveen Velautham who has joined the Securatrak team as our new Adelaide based Business Development Manager.

Why wait for your fleet to breakdown?
30 Aug 2016   |   Articles
To maximise the productivity of your operations you need your vehicles on the road at all times. At the same time you need your vehicles running to the best of their ability and therefore vehicle maintenance is a must. So how do you keep as much of your fleet operational at all times while keeping up with maintenance?

The Telstra 2G Sunset is near... Don't lose track!
30 Aug 2016   |   News
The Telstra 2G Network is being turned off on December 1st 2016 

December 1st is rapidly approaching and if you haven’t already made arrangements about your 2G devices it is time to take action! By now you should have heard from your Securatrak Account Manager, if you have devices on the 2G network, but in case you were wondering how the end of the 2G network might affect you, here are the FAQ's you need to know. 

6 Tips for Reducing Your Fuel Bill
23 Aug 2016   |   Articles
Fuel costs being such a large portion of any business expenditure, companies around the world are constantly fighting the battle to reduce the costs associated with fuel. With petrol prices continually on the rise it is more and more important to try to reduce unnecessary fuel usage wherever possible.

Here is a list of the top 6 tips for reducing your fuel bill. What would a saving of 15% off your fuel bill equate to for your business?

In Vehicle Management Systems "The Fleet Health Pillar"
28 Jul 2016   |   Articles
This is the third in a series of articles designed to create discussion and thoughts around using technology such as vehicle tracking to improve your company’s financial and competitive advantage.  We discussed grouping the return on investment (ROI) into 'Three Pillars', which were Safety, Productivity and Fleet Health.

In this article we will discuss and provide examples of how Corporations across Australia and the World are utilising Vehicle Management Systems to support their Fleet Optimisation and Vehicle Health needs.  
This particular Pillar of ROI has seen a dramatic increase in activity and interest since the introduction of Engine Data Management using the Telematics device as a platform to send data.  Let me explain the change in technology first.
Introducing Ben & Toby
01 Jul 2016   |   News
It gives us great pleasure to introduce to you two new members who have joined the Securatrak team in the last couple of months – Ben Gow, our new Account Manager in Queensland, and Toby Jensen who joins us as our new Business Development Manager in New South Wales.

The top FIVE biggest safety risks to your fleet!
28 Jun 2016   |   Articles
As a company with a mobile workforce the element of risk for employers automatically increases. Around 30% of all vehicles registered in Australia are used for business purposes, and over 50% of all new vehicles are purchased for commercial use. The level of risk Australian companies are exposed to can be illustrated by research showing that a third of all travel on Australian roads is work related and that fleet vehicles travel about three times the distance of the average private car.
In Vehicle Management Systems "The Safety Pillar"
31 May 2016   |   Articles
In our previous article we discussed the power of Telematics and how it has the potential of affecting every aspect of a Company’s Operations, providing a powerful financial and competitive advantage. We grouped the return on investment into Three Pillars, which were, Safety, Productivity and Fleet Optimisation. In this article we will discuss and provide examples of how Corporations across Australia are utilising Vehicle Management Systems to support their Safety and Compliance needs.
Have you got a truly scalable solution? Can your device grow with your business?
27 May 2016   |   Articles
The business environment is an ever changing beast, its unpredictable nature is a constant challenge for every business. Whether it be peaks and troughs in the market or the growth of your business you need to be adaptive and adopt a scalable approach to adjust to any changes.
Have you added these free reports to your suite?
28 Apr 2016   |   News
Reporting is an essential part of fleet management, but finding time to set up reports can be challenging. We have just added eight new custom fleet management reports to provide businesses with actionable data. These report templates were custom-designed by Geotab’s Solutions Specialist and are available for free to you our valued clients.

Automating your driver coaching, the benefits of educating on the go!
22 Apr 2016   |   Articles
A key part to implementing a successful GPS vehicle tracking solution is the communication between those using the software and those driving the vehicle. It is easy to analyse the data being provided to you based on the rules you have applied to your fleet, but if this is not being communicated back to your drivers you will not see the benefits you are looking to achieve.  
Securatrak Launches Industry First Technology
15 Apr 2016   |   Articles
It's an exciting time here at Securatrak with the release of two exciting new 'state of the art' products to our suite. Earlier this month we released two industry firsts - Active Tracking and GO TALK and both are available to you now!
Join us at the Australiasian Fleet Conference & Exhibition
01 Mar 2016   |   News
As a proud sponsor of the AFMA, we are offering our valued customers 15% off the standard entry pricing to the 2016 Australasian Fleet Conference & Exhibition.

Can you improve your awareness on the road?
01 Mar 2016   |   Articles
Our Mobileye Collision Avoidance Technology was profiled on Channel 10 news demonstrating how it is contributing to making our roads safer! Make the most of our special offer and get 50% off all Mobileye Technology for a short time only!

How outsourcing drives a higher ROI..
26 Feb 2016   |   Articles
We understand that managing a fleet is a time consuming process and requires analysing a lot of data. Many companies don’t have a dedicated resource within their company or it isn’t the core part of their business. For this reason it can become common that the software isn’t being used to its true potential to drive the ROI any business is after. 
The "3 Pillars" of Fleet Management Technology
24 Feb 2016   |   Articles
Shaun Wilson, our National Channel Manager talks about the 3 key areas for return on investment for in-vehicle monitoring systems. Are you looking at all three?

Why calculating FBT over the entire year has its benefits!
19 Feb 2016   |   Articles
Calculating the Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) liability of your fleet of vehicles that are being used for both business and private use is essential for any employer. With the FBT reporting year for 2016/17 fast approaching we look at why recording an FBT Logbook over an entire year can benefit you.

Securatrak’s smaller tracking devices set to leave a big impact!
17 Dec 2015   |   News
Securatrak have launched an innovative new opportunity for customers to leverage the power of GPS technology, with the release of their latest asset tracking device, the AT5.

End of the Telstra 2G Network is coming, don’t lose track!
13 Dec 2015   |   News
The Telstra 2G Network is being turned off on December 1st 2016

The 2G (GSM) Mobile Network is Telstra’s second-generation wireless technology and has been in operation for more than 20 years. Telstra’s decision to shut down the 2G network is based on more efficient use of their networks, resulting in lower operating costs, fewer networks to support, and by freeing up spectrum they can allocate it to the faster networks. 

Claiming fringe benefits as easy as an app!
08 Dec 2015   |   News
Gone are the days of the logbook - claiming Fringe Benefits Tax is now as simple as downloading an ATO approved solution for your phone to track your trip information – but the deadline is looming for the 2015/16 FBT reporting year. 

The Need for Speed – GPS speed vs. Vehicle Speedometer?
20 Nov 2015   |   Articles
The age old debate as to whether the speed recorded by your vehicle speedometer or GPS vehicle tracking device is more accurate is something fleet manager’s face when analysing data. So what data really is more accurate? 

Halting harsh braking: How to improve your Fleet Safety
11 Nov 2015   |   Articles
Ensuring the safety of your drivers is a vital part of fleet management. Businesses are continually adding new safety measures to their current practices and policies to reduce risk, liability and more importantly, accidents.

Top 5 tips for managing fuel costs
27 Oct 2015   |   Articles
The cost of filling up a vehicle is something that is always on every fleet manager's mind. The ability to manage this cost is an integral part of any fleet operations. While being aware of how petrol prices are set and fluctuate are important, understanding how to use MyGeotab to reduce usage and costs is critical to achieving your return on investment.
Quick Tips – The importance of setting up time zones correctly
20 Oct 2015   |   Articles
Setting up your time zone might seem like a straightforward task but it is these settings that are often overlooked or forgotten which can lead to confusion when reading reports. Have you set up your time zones correctly?
Introducing Tracey & Shaun
14 Oct 2015   |   News
We’d like to introduce to you a couple of new members who have joined the Securatrak team in the last couple of months – Shaun Mallon, our new Business Development Manager in New South Wales, and Tracey Goss who joins us as our new Queensland Business Development Manager.
Garden Grove Haulage
30 Sep 2015   |   Case Studies
Partnering with Securatrak has been a great decision on our part. It’s cost effective, has helped us be more efficient (on many levels), improved driver behaviour and it has ‘saved the day’ more than once!

Alicia Critchley - Accounts Manager
Safeguarding the Security industry
15 Sep 2015   |   Articles

Learn how by applying a tailored solution to this business we were able to overcome the unique challenges they were facing!

Recently we analysed some of the challenges that a business from the security industry were facing and demonstrated how our solution can help meet their needs. 

How can i take better control of my fleet?
10 Aug 2015   |   Articles
It is a common theme across many organisations that one vehicle may be used by more than one person throughout the course of a day. We analysed a pilot program we ran with an organisation from the Not for Profit sector to see how they overcame their challenges. How does this compare to the challenges you face?

Why are dual facing cameras becoming important to Fleet Management?
07 Aug 2015   |   Articles
GPS vehicle tracking has changed the way we look at fleet management by improving accountability, productivity, reducing costs and lowering the risk for business owners. The recent integration of this technology with in-vehicle video recorders has provided a whole new insight into fleet management.

A new partnership helps growth in Asia
06 Aug 2015   |   News
It has been a busy couple of months for our team in Asia with some exciting new ventures set to begin. The recent announcement that Securatrak has partnered with Mobifone has opened up some brand new opportunities. 
The importance of privacy - Securing your access levels
03 Aug 2015   |   Articles
Setting up your database properly to ensure employee privacy is critical in today's society, not only does securing your access levels do this but it enables you to have more structure within your database. Have you set up your access levels correctly? 

Securatrak’s Quick Tips – How to begin monitoring driver behaviour?
15 Jul 2015   |   Articles
By managing driver behaviour, a Fleet Manager has the ability to increase driver safety, while reducing operating costs due to better vehicle health. In this edition of Quick Tips we show you how to make sure you have setup up your driver behaviour rules correctly.

Life is Short
13 Jul 2015   |   Articles

As I get older, more and more events remind me that “life is short” and we need to live for today. But as the grey hairs creep in, technology continues to develop and it amazes me when we don’t take advantage of what it delivers.

What happens when the alarm goes off? Will your Duress Escalation process hold up under pressure?
11 Jun 2015   |   Articles
It is imperative that you have a step-by-step escalation process to ensure any emergency situation can reacted too immediately. There are many things surrounding an escalation procedure that often get forgotten. Have you considered the following?

Introducing the GO7 and MyGO7 Bundle Plan
10 Jun 2015   |   News
With the latest technology comes a new innovative way of doing business. Introducing the GO7 & MyGO7 Bundle Plan.
Securatrak’s Quick Tips – The importance of naming your vehicles and devices
29 May 2015   |   Articles
Have you correctly setup your MyGeotab database to ensure the best way to identify your vehicles? Here are a few quick tips to make your Fleet Managers life easier.

Securatrak's South Australian BDM run's Great Wall Marathon
22 May 2015   |   News
Recently our South Australian BDM – Michelle Simper competed in the Great Wall Marathon in Beijing. Michelle was able to raise over $2000 for Beyond Blue, and has shared her story with us.

Securatrak launch latest Mobile Digital Video Recorder integration
27 Apr 2015   |   News
Securatrak is pleased to announce the latest Mobile Digital Video Recorder integration available for your fleet management solution with the Zone Defender Plus Digital Video Recorder (DVR).

Securatrak presenting at 2015 Australasian Fleet Conference
09 Apr 2015   |   News
As part of our newly formed corporate partnership with the Australasian Fleet Management Association (AfMA), Securatrak will be presenting and exhibiting at the 2015 National Fleet Conference in April.

Securatrak helping those in need in Vietnam
08 Apr 2015   |   News
The Securatrak team has been doing their bit to help disadvantaged kids in Vietnam. The orphanage which is based 60 KM’s out of Nha Trang is not easily visited and does not receive any support from aid organisation in Vietnam. 

How to save on data costs but maintain the safety of remote workers
30 Mar 2015   |   Articles
GPS vehicle tracking devices such as Securatrak’s GO devices use the Next G network to communicate. Whilst the Telstra Next G Network is providing coverage in more and more areas, sometimes drivers can find themselves in areas that do not have coverage. 

How to minimise the downtime of your fleet due to vehicle maintenance
18 Mar 2015   |   Articles
To maximise the productivity of your operations you need your vehicles on the road at all times. At the same time you need your vehicles running to the best of their ability and therefore vehicle maintenance is a must. So how do you keep as much of your fleet operational at all times while keeping up with maintenance? 

Finding the common ground - how driver feedback benefits both parties
26 Feb 2015   |   Articles
We often hear about the many benefits IVMS solutions offer the business, but what many people don’t realise is that these solutions can benefit the driver also. 
Using Geofencing to become a more proactive fleet manager
23 Feb 2015   |   Articles
When geofenced zones are used correctly in MyGeotab, users are able to see a great deal of benefits when it comes to establishing driver accountability, increasing productivity, tracking high value assets, and customer satisfaction.

Murphy Pipe & Civil see immediate benefits after installing Mobileye Device
18 Feb 2015   |   Case Studies
Murphy Pipe & Civil recently installed Securatrak's Mobileye devices and have seen an immediate impact in creating a safer driving environment for their staff, while reducing the risk of damage to company assets. 
Securatrak assist organisers in Tour Down Under
13 Feb 2015   |   News
As the Tour Down Under concluded for its 16th year last month in Adelaide, we reflect on how Securatrak’s GO6 In Vehicle Monitoring System (IVMS) aided event organisers in running the event.

04 Feb 2015   |   News
Securatrak has recently signed a reseller agreement with IntranetAsia, a regional distributor or technology solutions throughout Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore. 

What’s happening in Asia?
18 Dec 2014   |   News
With our team across Asia rapidly growing, find out what they have been up to over the last few months and learn of our exciting new developments across the region.

01 Dec 2014   |   News
We are happy to announce that we have formed a corporate partnership with the Australasian Fleet Management Association (AfMA). 

Know what happens beyond the black stump
17 Nov 2014   |   News
Does your fleet operate outside of Next G coverage? Our latest IVMS solution for remote locations allows you to source valuable vehicle information while avoiding expensive satellite data costs

Welcome to George Street!
07 Nov 2014   |   News
It has been another big year for us at Securatrak and this was continued with the recent relocation of our Head Office in Adelaide.

How can you eliminate crashes?
15 Oct 2014   |   Articles
International research and major pilot projects have proven that an extra 2 seconds of warning prevents almost all crashes, and in some cases, eliminate crashes altogether.
Our Mobileye device gives your drivers the extra 2 seconds they require.
Maintaining a healthy fleet – how can I be sure my devices are communicating?
02 Oct 2014   |   Articles
Ensuring all the devices in your fleet are communicating properly not only gives you peace of mind, but allows you to get on with business. Using the latest in GPS tracking software, MyGeotab offers you a health summary of all the devices in your fleet.

28 Sep 2014   |   Videos
Learn about the Securatrak and Geotab strategic partnership. See where Securatrak's representation extends to throughout Australia and the Asian region, providing sales and support services for the new and revolutionary GO6 GPS vehicle tracking platform.
Maximise your return on investment - how can I benefit from training?
23 Sep 2014   |   Articles
Are you unsure how to use your IVMS solution to its full potential? Our training services can improve your understanding and skills to maximise the return on investment you desire. 

Expand your solution – what can I add to my GO6 device?
08 Sep 2014   |   Articles
The GO6 device is designed in its simplest form to be the most advanced plug and play device on the market. However, to customise a solution to your paticular needs, we have created a device which allows you to add on the devices you require. 
The importance of understanding your GPS Tracking Device in its simplest form
12 May 2014   |   Articles
In today’s market, fleet managers are faced with a variety of GPS tracking devices, each with their own capabilities and limits. Understanding what your device can do in its simplest form, will allow you to purchase a device that will get you the most out of your investment. 

Why driver fatigue management will improve the safety of our roads and drivers
04 Apr 2014   |   Articles
Driver fatigue is one of the most dangerous factors affecting road safety in Australia. It doesn’t matter how experienced the driver is, under the strain of fatigue, driving becomes incredibly hazardous. It is estimated that fatigue contributes to around 30% of fatalities on Australian roads every year. 

Keeping an eye on your IVMS health
18 Mar 2014   |   Articles
As a fleet manager the ability to track your fleet’s vehicle health and know where your drivers are at all times makes your job much easier. But how can you be sure that the data you are receiving back from the IVMS units is coming back correctly? What if someone has tampered with the device or there are communication issues?

Is V2V communication the solution to future crash prevention?
19 Feb 2014   |   Articles
Imagine a world where accidents between vehicles are non-existent. This could soon be a reality, with research underway in Australia and overseas to improve “vehicle to vehicle” (V2V) safety.

12 Feb 2014   |   News
To help clients experiencing technical issues with their hardware, we have created a new customer support portal that we are calling our "fresh desk".
Making fleet management IVMS work for you
07 Feb 2014   |   Articles
GPS vehicle tracking can be a vital tool in making sure your fleet operates safely and efficiently, and provides a number of ways in which companies can boost their productivity.

28 Aug 2013   |   Videos
The all new GO5 Compact Vehicle tracking device provides same manufacturing quality and reliability that you have come to expect from our premium, feature rich GO4 IVMS platform. If you do not need to record specific Driver Identification information then this is the ideal solution for your fleet of vehicles.
Preparing for continued strong growth in 2013-14
27 Jun 2013   |   News
We were thrilled to see a story about our growth recently featured in The Advertiser's South Australian Business Journal magazine.

Visit us at the Brisbane Safety in Action conference
16 Jun 2013   |   News
If you’re in Brisbane on June 18-19, why not pop by our stand at the Queensland Safety in Action show and say hello to Business Development Managers Rob Civitarese and Johanna Adcock.