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Finding the common ground - how driver feedback benefits both parties

26 Feb 2015   |   Articles
Finding the common ground - how driver feedback benefits both parties
We often hear about the many benefits IVMS solutions offer the business, but what many people don’t realise is that these solutions can benefit the driver also. 
It is not uncommon that drivers have a negative view towards IVMS where they feel they are being watched by ‘Big Brother’ when really this is not the case at all. The ‘Driver Feedback’ tool is one example of how both parties can benefit from installing an IVMS solution.

What is the Driver Feedback tool?

The driver feedback tool allows you to turn on in cabin audible alerts to notify the driver when they are at risk of hazardous driving behaviour.

As a company this provides a whole range of benefits to the way your organisation is run. You are able to increase the safety of your fleet by altering the way your drivers behave on the road. This change in driver behaviour will result in less wear and tear on the vehicle and therefore reducing the cost of your vehicle maintenance.

So how can this benefit the driver?

Besides the obvious increase to their own safety, the alerts will make drivers aware of their driving behaviour in particular the bad habits they have developed after years of driving.

No driver is perfect and many are unaware of the bad habits they have developed over the years, whether this be taking corners to harshly, idling for unnecessary amount of times, or even creeping over the speed limit. The driver feedback alerts allow them to correct their bad habits which means they become a better overall driver.   

Driver Feedback isn’t a system designed at punishing drivers but rather an education system that allows each driver to correct their mistakes and become better as result. In fact companies have the ability to set up a system where drivers can be rewarded for good driving rather than reprimanded for poor driving.

As you can see IVMS solutions are designed to not only improve the organisation but improve the ability of your drivers which results in them being safer on the roads. It all revolves around educating both parties on the positives instead of having a disconnection between manager and employee when it comes to IVMS.

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