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Securatrak’s Quick Tips – How to begin monitoring driver behaviour?

15 Jul 2015   |   Articles
Securatrak’s Quick Tips – How to begin monitoring driver behaviour?
By managing driver behaviour, a Fleet Manager has the ability to increase driver safety, while reducing operating costs due to better vehicle health. In this edition of Quick Tips we show you how to make sure you have setup up your driver behaviour rules correctly.

Once you have successfully setup your database, it is time to start seeing some results from your data. Understanding driver behaviour can become pivotal to your organisation in regards to safety, productivity and the health of your fleet. It does not need to be used as a punishment tool rather an educational tool to improve your drivers own safety, while providing a return on investment for the organisation.
There are many different default rules that will provide different levels of insight to your drivers behaviour. By simply clicking on the Rule & Groups tab and selecting rules, you will be provided with a variety of different rules to monitor.
The MyGeotab software makes it easy for you to focus on improving particular areas of your behaviour by dividing them in to different groups e.g. Safety. 
You are also provided with explanations of each individual rule to help you understand what you are trying to achieve. To turn these rules on it is as simple as clicking the on/off button.
Once these rules are setup you are able to run a daily, weekly, monthly exception report detailing where individual rules have been broken. You have the ability to drill down further and identify location, time, and exact rule detail through a detailed exception report.
The software also enables you to create your own rules and customise the existing default based on your organisation’s needs. For further information regarding how to customise these rules speak to our training team about what goals you would like to achieve at or on 1300 653 395