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How to minimise the downtime of your fleet due to vehicle maintenance

18 Mar 2015   |   Articles
How to minimise the downtime of your fleet due to vehicle maintenance
To maximise the productivity of your operations you need your vehicles on the road at all times. At the same time you need your vehicles running to the best of their ability and therefore vehicle maintenance is a must. So how do you keep as much of your fleet operational at all times while keeping up with maintenance? 

Securatrak’s range of fleet management solutions provides you with the tools necessary to become an organised fleet manager when it comes to scheduling vehicle maintenance so you keep as many vehicles on the road at any one time. 
Whether you are managing a small fleet, or you are managing hundreds of vehicles, it easy to forget when each vehicle was last serviced. Using MyGeotab you are able to set up vehicle maintenance reminders for things such as tyre rotation, oil change and even registration. 
Creating a weekly report, you can ensure that your vehicles are returning for their required services, either by the odometer / distances travelled or by a required date. This allows you to schedule vehicles in for maintenance well in advance, meaning there shouldn’t be an influx of vehicles out of action due to maintenance at any one time. 
As organised as you are, no fleet manager can cater for unexpected engine issues. Securatrak devices are not only powered by the OBD port, but they also collect the richest collection of engine data information possible for a vehicle. 
If there is an issue with the engine the device will extract the information and send it to your MyGeotab online portal. By setting up notification alerts, your fleet manager will receive notification of the engine fault alert immediately, allowing them to respond to a potentially costly repair bill if the vehicle where to continue operating unchecked.
Knowing what problems might be occurring in the field, in real time, will save your organisation the cost of major repair and decrease the downtime of the vehicle.