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Why are dual facing cameras becoming important to Fleet Management?

07 Aug 2015   |   Articles
Why are dual facing cameras becoming important to Fleet Management?
GPS vehicle tracking has changed the way we look at fleet management by improving accountability, productivity, reducing costs and lowering the risk for business owners. The recent integration of this technology with in-vehicle video recorders has provided a whole new insight into fleet management.

The new integration provides both added benefits for the company, the fleet manager and the driver. Besides the fact that your driver education and safety tool are taken to the new level, the solution provides additional protection for both the organisation and the driver enabling an ROI in more ways than one.
How does an in-vehicle Camera provide additional protection and ROI? 
  • Protect your driver and brand – you will have the ability to protect and exonerate your drivers and organisation against false claims made
  • Accident assistance – in the event of an accident you will be able to assist in accident forensics recording events both inside and outside the vehicle to prove exactly what happened
  • Vehicle protection – motion recording capabilities assist in minimising fraudulent events while the vehicle is parked
  • Driver Training – the camera uses built in accelerometer technology to record automatic events such as harsh cornering, enabling you to educate drivers on areas they could improve
  • Reduced fuel and maintenance costs – improved driver behaviour results in a reduction in mechanical issues and better fuel usage.
Securatrak has integrated the Zone Defender Plus DVR with the Geotab GO7 Fleet Management Solution. This dual facing in vehicle camera provides you with footage of both inside the cabin and the road in front of your driver, giving you a full understanding of what is happening at all times.
Recently we were alerted by a client of the benefits that they had experience first-hand since rolling out the Zone Defender Plus DVR across their fleet. One of their drivers had a near miss/minor accident with another truck on a narrow road which resulted in some damage to the truck.
The organisation was able to review the footage and determine that their driver was not at fault and in fact did incredibly well under the conditions to control the truck and not cause further damage. This is something that would have been much harder to determine if the camera had not been involved. 
In today’s society this technology is becoming incredibly important for fleets of all sizes to help protect both drivers and the organisation on the road. The ability to provide video feedback to drivers on their behaviour and habits further increases the ability to ensure the safety of your fleet.
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