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Keeping an eye on your IVMS health

18 Mar 2014   |   Articles
Keeping an eye on your IVMS health
As a fleet manager the ability to track your fleet’s vehicle health and know where your drivers are at all times makes your job much easier. But how can you be sure that the data you are receiving back from the IVMS units is coming back correctly? What if someone has tampered with the device or there are communication issues?

Using the latest in GPS tracking software, MyGeotab offers you the ability to monitor all of these issues. Known as the ‘Fleet Watchdog Report’ managers can now test the health of their devices on a daily basis. This daily test will ensure that the device is communicating via the cellular or iridium network and is accurately recording trips made by drivers and their vehicles. This allows any issues that are being faced to be rectified immediately.
Take for example the fact a driver may have tampered with a device and the correct information is not being received by the fleet manager. The report will notice the device isn’t communicating correctly and display as a communication issue on your Watchdog Report. These errors are then easily identifiable allowing you to address them immediately. Additionally, if your company is using RF units, the report will notify you of any drivers that are not regularly visiting download stations, therefore missing valuable data.
So how do I access this information?
It’s as simple turning on a dashboard report. Once you have logged into MyGeotab you are able to turn this information on instantly, following the steps below:
1. Click on the ‘Administration’ tab
2. Click on ‘Custom Reports’
3. Scroll down and select the ‘Watchdog Report’
4. Then from the menu at the top of the screen, click on ‘Enable Dashboard’
5. Tick ‘Show on Dashboard’ and select the time of day to run your daily analysis
6. Tick 'Show Health Status'
7. Next select 'Viewers' tab at the top, and tick 'Display dashboard to myself'
8. Select ‘OK’
9. Your new ‘Watchdog Report’ will now appear on your Summary screen
10. Start monitoring the health of your units
By making sure you units are communicating correctly you can then get the most out of your fleet and continue to see the return on investments that IVMS systems offer your company.