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Life is Short

13 Jul 2015   |   Articles
Life is Short

As I get older, more and more events remind me that “life is short” and we need to live for today. But as the grey hairs creep in, technology continues to develop and it amazes me when we don’t take advantage of what it delivers.

Reading the Statistics from the Australian Government web site, last year there was 673 Fatal Crashes on regional roads. 
Let’s reflect on that for a moment, these are crashes, not fatalities, the fatalities numbers are bigger again and the impact to family members are multiplied into the hundreds of thousands.  
Although the web site doesn’t go into detail, history confirms its generally due to Fatigue, speed and/or lack of attention.  
So where am I heading with this?
Australia now has access to a solution called Mobileye that could dramatically decrease these events. Once only available to the high end vehicles, this solution is now available to every household and in my opinion should now be mandatory in all corporations that have vehicles doing long hauls.
In simple terms, it provides the Driver alerts, when he/she is speeding, veering over lanes and about to collide with vehicles or pedestrians. These alerts are provided visually, audibly and you can even set it to have the steering wheel vibrate to wake the driver.
As I say “life is short”, “technology is amazing”, lets combine the two  thoughts and make a difference
Shaun Wilson - National Channel Manager