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Safeguarding the Security industry

15 Sep 2015   |   Articles
Safeguarding the Security industry

Learn how by applying a tailored solution to this business we were able to overcome the unique challenges they were facing!

Recently we analysed some of the challenges that a business from the security industry were facing and demonstrated how our solution can help meet their needs. 

In a recent presentation to the security team at a popular residential resort in Melbourne we were surprised to hear about ongoing safety challenges that staff faced.

Drivers had regular reports of being abused by residents, attacked by youth roaming the streets and being confronted by residents when suspicious activity seemed to be going in homes.

The resort offered residents 24/7 protection supported by a team of mobile security staff who patrolled the suburb with their vehicles supported by at least on-person back at the office.

Having seen the number of incidents gradually rising, management began to investigate safety options for drivers.
Securatrak proposed the following combination of services which it believes will not only offer immediate protection for staff but also provide the ability to record events as they happen to assist with any police investigations.

Vehicle Monitoring
By introducing vehicle monitoring, the central office will be able to identify all vehicles and their location 24/7. Today this is not possible without the guard physically calling the office and advising them of where they are. Securatrak’s MyGeotab system will also provide management with all travel records assisting with reviews of where staff patrol on any given day/evening and where they don’t.

3G Man Down Devices
For the safety of the drivers we have also recommended personal tracking units. These tracking units are 3G enabled allowing management to locate both the vehicle and the driver should they move away from the vehicle. Additionally, the man down options offered by these units ensures that should staff be attacked and not have the ability nor time to contact the office for assistance, the 3G device will automatically trigger an alarm and allow office staff to listen into what is happening at the scene.

In-Vehicle Cameras
In-vehicle cameras have already been trialed by the resort via an aftermarket purchase with their local Nissan dealer. The experience had however been pretty poor with the clarity of the image being below expectations. Securatrak’s Zone Defender camera offers 24/7 coverage and with a high definition image. When the client saw the footage from the demonstration camera in my vehicle they were very impressed.  We were able to demonstrate both day and night travel so they could see real events not promotional footage.

Whilst the key requirement from the resort was the safety issues of its night drivers it could also see significant advantages in being able to use the tracking equipment across all of its 15+ maintenance vehicles. Using zones it could identify if staff had in-fact attended scheduled maintenance tasks as reported and how long they actually spent there. Additional advantages would also come from being able to manage the maintenance of their vehicles without having to physically visit them all and record mileage.

Image source, username: David Goehring
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