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How to save on data costs but maintain the safety of remote workers

30 Mar 2015   |   Articles
How to save on data costs but maintain the safety of remote workers
GPS vehicle tracking devices such as Securatrak’s GO devices use the Next G network to communicate. Whilst the Telstra Next G Network is providing coverage in more and more areas, sometimes drivers can find themselves in areas that do not have coverage. 

While this is not an issue for metropolitan areas, for those that work in remote areas this becomes a major safety issue. When the device is unable to communicate in these remote locations, you are unable to locate your drivers which can be critical in the case of an accident or if a driver requires assistance. By incorporating Securatrak’s “smart switching” Iridium Satellite module you can remain in contact with remote works no matter where they may be.

However, when the word ‘satellite’ is connected with tracking, many people associate this with hefty data usage fees. This is because many devices will continue to run on a satellite network even when they are in Next G coverage, meaning your company is incurring high data fees all the time.

With ‘smart switching’ technology these high data fees are no longer an issue. The ‘smart switch’ technology recognises when the vehicle leaves or loses Next G connection and automatically ‘switches’ to the Iridium Satellite Network. Once your vehicle re-enters the Next G coverage the satellite network will be switched off, meaning satellite data is only used when necessary.

For more information on how Securatrak can help improve the safety of your remote workers speak to you account manager. 

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