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Securatrak’s Quick Tips – The importance of naming your vehicles and devices

29 May 2015   |   Articles
Securatrak’s Quick Tips – The importance of naming your vehicles and devices
Have you correctly setup your MyGeotab database to ensure the best way to identify your vehicles? Here are a few quick tips to make your Fleet Managers life easier.

When you first login to MyGeotab it is important that you have correctly setup and personalised your fleet’s details to ensure easy identification. 
By selecting the vehicle tab for the first time, the only information that will be displayed will be the serial numbers of your devices. While it is important to retain your serial numbers, it can be difficult to identify the vehicle or driver you are reporting on or tracking.

Therefore you are able to personalise each individual vehicle whether it be by registration, vehicle description, or driver so that you can easily identify each vehicle in your fleet. This can be simply done by left clicking on the serial number and changing to the description that you are after.

This section of the software also enables you to enter extra information on the vehicle that is valuable for measurement going forward. These include:
  • Vehicle Identification number
  • Registration 
  • Odometer Reading
  • Current Engine Hours 
  • License plate
  • Any comments that relate to the vehicle e.g. Device installation notes
This process helps users navigate through the software and easily identify which vehicle they might be looking at without having to look up serial numbers every time. It also enables you to report specifically on departmental requirements as each department may have different parameters.  

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