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The importance of privacy - Securing your access levels

03 Aug 2015   |   Articles
The importance of privacy - Securing your access levels
Setting up your database properly to ensure employee privacy is critical in today's society, not only does securing your access levels do this but it enables you to have more structure within your database. Have you set up your access levels correctly? 

The connotations surrounding GPS vehicle tracking have often been met with concerns of employee privacy. Many employees struggle at first with the concept of being monitored and view it with a ‘big brother’ mentality or invasion of privacy.

While it is important to address these areas of concern through clear communication, ensuring your database is correctly set up to meet privacy standards is equally as important.

A Grouping Structure with according clearance levels can alleviate any concerns you or your staff may have. Grouping can separate and specify departments, vehicle types, states, contractors, etc. meaning you not only have a much more organised database, but the ability to apply the appropriate clearance levels in accordance to the company structure.


Now that you’ve grouped your vehicles you can apply the relative clearance levels based on the requirement of the employee and privacy standards your company wishes to meet.

The highest level of access a user can have is Administrator which enables them full access to all functionally of your database to administer, view and report on the entire fleet.

However there is also the ability to grant the manager of a specific department this level, but block them from seeing any other department.

Below the level of administrator, a company can customise the level of access they give to each employee based on their requirements, some examples of how this has been done are:

  • Sometimes all that is required is the ability to generate report for a specific vehicle type or department for review. However there is no need for this employee to see the mapping function, therefore you have the ability to block this function
  • If you have contractors that you need to monitor but you want to separate your own fleet and allow that contractor access to their vehicles you can do this by restricting their access to only their group. This method is commonly, but not exclusively used in Hire vehicle, mining and transport industries to better manage contractors.
  • Sometime a USER is not required to utilise the software (i.e driver) but still have a login due to their key identification. There is the ability to assign this user with a NOTHING clearance level, allowing you to gather data and monitor that user without giving them access to the system.
Correctly setting up your database to meet privacy standards not only helps with the sometimes negatives issues surrounding GPS vehicle tracking but also strengthens the system you have put in place. It is important your staff are comfortable and well informed of the benefits that GPS vehicle tracking can offer them, but ensuring is well in check is critical.

If you need any more information regarding applying the appropriate clearance levels to your database please contact our training team at or on 1300 653 395

Image source, username: Yuri Samoilov
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