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Quick Tips – The importance of setting up time zones correctly

20 Oct 2015   |   Articles
Quick Tips – The importance of setting up time zones correctly
Setting up your time zone might seem like a straightforward task but it is these settings that are often overlooked or forgotten which can lead to confusion when reading reports. Have you set up your time zones correctly?
If your users are based in a different time zone to your vehicles many people will still have the same default settings for both. Therefore if an incident occurs, when a report is generated, the time of the incident will be incorrect. This may be a small error but when different departments are investigating, it makes it difficult when the time and data don’t match up.

How do I setup my time zones correctly?

The first step to setting time zones is to set your USER settings.

This is the person using the software (not necessarily a driver) and the time zone need to be set according to their region not the vehicles they ae monitoring.

To set your User Time zone, simply click on the OPTIONS Tab at the top right hand side of your database.


Simply scroll down the Regional Settings (ensuring all other settings ae correct along the way) and select your correct time zone from the dropdown list.

Once changes are made remember to SAVE at the top left of the screen.

Now that your USER time zone is set you need to set your VEHICLE time zones.

Navigate to the VEHICLES tab on the left and select your vehicle.

At the top of this page is a MORE DETAILS tab, click on this to access time zone settings

Scroll down to DETAILED DEVICE INFO and select the correct time zone for the vehicle.

Remember to SAVE

This is covered in more detail in our webinar training sessions where we also cover other user and vehicle settings to ensure you have all your vehicles and Users set according to their region.