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The value of IVMS in meeting NDIS requirements in Not for Profits (NFP)

23 Nov 2016   |   Articles|News
The value of IVMS in meeting NDIS requirements in Not for Profits (NFP)
It’s been called the biggest shake up since Medicare. In essence, the way Not for Profits (NFP) get funded is set to change. Individuals with disabilities will be afforded unprecedented power to choose and engage with different service providers for support services they require. 

What does this means to NFP’s that operate fleet vehicles to carry out their service?

  • Efficiency in vehicle utilisation will be a Competitive Advantage : The NDIS changes is calling for NFP’s to operate more efficiently. Supported by clear systems, efficient vehicle utilisation can drive productivity levels and increase customer satisfaction. Additionally, effective vehicle utilisation can develop an unrivalled safety culture and reduce vehicle operating cost.
  • Efficient vehicle utilisation will improve payment compliance: According to the NDIS Service Provider “Tool Kit”, completed services need to be substantiated with support documents such as “Support Logs”. There is a clear way to link vehicle utilisation to automate some of these reports. To not only support payment claims but create a trail of auditable information for years to come.  
How to leverage on IVMS in your Not for Profit ?
At Securatrak, we have a demonstrated track record of helping companies that operate fleet vehicles improve safety, raise productivity and reduce operating cost. Above all, we have assisted companies reduce business risk by meeting and surpassing industry compliance needs.
We are in the midst of customising our offerings for the NFP sector. In saying that, we would welcome any queries or feedback from NFP industry players. For more details, please feel free to reach out to us here

Written by Naveen Velautham - SA Business Development Manager