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Top 5 tips for managing fuel costs

27 Oct 2015   |   Articles
Top 5 tips for managing fuel costs
The cost of filling up a vehicle is something that is always on every fleet manager's mind. The ability to manage this cost is an integral part of any fleet operations. While being aware of how petrol prices are set and fluctuate are important, understanding how to use MyGeotab to reduce usage and costs is critical to achieving your return on investment.
With the data collected from your Geotab GO7 device you will be able to use the tools available within the MyGeotab Fleet Management software to determine techniques that will effectively lower fuel usage and the costs that go with it. 
Reduce Idling
Vehicle Idling is a fuel drainer, but one that can be easily rectified through proper management. Idling your vehicle for just 10 minutes can use as much fuel as it takes to travel 8kms. Drivers may be idling inside the vehicle, but often the damage is done when the driver is outside the vehicle in a situation like loading or unloading.
Ensuring your company has idling policies can be supported through MyGeotab. You have the ability as Fleet Manager to set idling limits and arrange for automatic report to be sent to both employees and managers as a measurement tool. Using this to demonstrate where fuel is being wasted will enable you to tackle any issues and ultimately save you money.
Amending Aggressive Driving
Aggressive driving is both dangerous to your driver and other road users as well as being another big fuel drainer. Habits such as Excessive speeding, rapid acceleration, and harsh cornering & braking all have negative effect on your vehicles fuel efficiency. The ability to limit this behaviour will ultimately improve the value of your fuel. The Geotab GO7 device will identify these habits and provide you with the following options:
a) Provide in-vehicle audible feedback to educate your drivers in real time of poor driving habits
b) Use MyGoetab to generate exception reports that can be used to identify poor driving habits
Addressing the Speed limit
Each individual vehicle is different with respect to its optimal speed for fuel efficiency. Using MyGeotab you have the ability to use posted road speeds to create custom speeding rules. By generating this data in exception reports, you will have the ability to take corrective action.
Monitoring Fuel Usage Reports
A feature within MyGeotab enable you as the Fleet Manager to monitor fuel usage report for supported vehicles. This will help you identify which drivers and vehicles are using the most fuel. You then have the ability to educate these drivers while monitoring improvements in fuel usage over an extended period of time.
Improved Customer Service
While improving your customer service has other benefits for your business, it can also improve your fuel efficiency by reducing the distance traveled by your vehicles. Examples of this include dispatching your closest driver or the ability to know exactly where your vehicle is located to help notify your customers in advance to help plan for their arrival. 
Utilising techniques like the five mentioned are critical to reducing your operating costs and a much better option than just watching the uncontrollable prices set by petrol stations. 
If you would like more information on how to apply this to your business, please contact our training team who will be happy to show you how – or 1300 653 395.

Source: Lynsey Trolley-Cole, Geotab Inc.