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The importance of understanding your GPS Tracking Device in its simplest form

12 May 2014   |   Articles
The importance of understanding your GPS Tracking Device in its simplest form
In today’s market, fleet managers are faced with a variety of GPS tracking devices, each with their own capabilities and limits. Understanding what your device can do in its simplest form, will allow you to purchase a device that will get you the most out of your investment. 

In their simplest form the traditional hardwired black box device often only acts as a tracking device, only polling a vehicles location every few minutes. They are also required to be hardwired into the vehicle and can potentially leave a vehicle out of action for up to half a day, costing your business potentially thousands.
Advancements in technology have seen a new type of device emerge that plugs directly in to a vehicles on board diagnostic port (OBD). The OBD port has been traditionally used by mechanics to gain accurate engine data along with diagnostic codes, which allows them to identify any malfunctions within the car. Therefore it is easy to see why consumers might be led to believe that all of these devices read a vehicle’s on board diagnostics.
Unfortunately this is not the case, and it is another example of how important understanding your GPS tracking device in its simplest form is.
There are currently two types of OBD devices on the market:
1. A device that is only powered by the OBD port and doesn’t read any of the data
2. A device that reads the data from the OBD port and sends out real time notifications
Securatrak have partnered with Canadian company Geotab to develop an OBD plug and play device that in its simplest form is the most advanced technology on the market. Not only is the GO6 unit small and compact, its simplicity of install means you can see real-time, turn by turn tracking of your vehicle within minutes of taking the device out of the box.
Unlike devices that are only powered by the OBD port, this device also reads the OBD sending engine data reports to the fleet manager enabling them to monitor the vehicle’s health. The device also relays in cabin audible alerts to drivers regarding harsh cornering, braking, and speeding to help educate your drivers for better driver safety awareness and in turn reduce the wear and tear of your vehicles.