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Using Geofencing to become a more proactive fleet manager

23 Feb 2015   |   Articles
Using Geofencing to become a more proactive fleet manager
When geofenced zones are used correctly in MyGeotab, users are able to see a great deal of benefits when it comes to establishing driver accountability, increasing productivity, tracking high value assets, and customer satisfaction.

A geofence is a virtual perimeter or fence around a geographical real-world area of interest. When using the MyGeotab fleet management software geofences are called zones and they are used to indentify places of interest on the map, for example your office, customers, airport, or even no go zones. 

By understanding what vehicles are operating nearby or within the geofenced zones can assist you in a variety of ways when monitoring driver behaviour and allow you to become more reactive or importantly pro-active.   

When using these zones in conjunction with exception reporting and notifications allows for you to:

  • Identify when a vehicle is close to arriving at a depot for re-loading by having an email sent to you when a driver enters the zone; you can then inform staff ahead of time and increase productivity

  • If a driver is meant to be working in a designated zone for a particular period of time but attempts to leave the zone early. An in-vehicle alert can be sounded to inform the driver, while a notification can be sent to you to monitor the drivers actions

Further to this geofenced zones are used to increase the safety of workers whilst out in the field allowing you to:

  • Set up notifications for when a driver has entered and left a dangerous zone, you can then monitor their activity through the dangerous zone and be alerted once they have left safely.

  • Set up on your own speeding policies on road that may not have speed limits, in particular in remote areas. You are then able to receive reports to see which drivers are breaking the rules and support you initiative of making your staff safer 


Geofenced zones are an important tool within the MyGeotab software for fleet managers and as demonstrated can be key indicators of overall fleet performance and safety. 

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