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What happens when the alarm goes off? Will your Duress Escalation process hold up under pressure?

11 Jun 2015   |   Articles
What happens when the alarm goes off? Will your Duress Escalation process hold up under pressure?
It is imperative that you have a step-by-step escalation process to ensure any emergency situation can reacted too immediately. There are many things surrounding an escalation procedure that often get forgotten. Have you considered the following?

Lone and remote workers are always at risk to safety hazards, how these situations are handled can be imperative to the outcome of your driver’s safety. Securatrak always recommend any lone or remote worker is equipped with both duress pendants and in vehicle duress buttons to ensure that in any emergency situation an alert can be signalled.
It is important that all companies with these devices have a step-by-step escalation process that can be followed in an emergency event. While each individual company will have their own processes it recommended that some of the following are always considered:
  • Contact driver to see if false alarm
  • Locate drivers last known location via MyGeotab
  • Send the nearest driver to this location to investigate
  • Alert emergency services of the last known location 
While it is imperative this step-by-step procedure is implemented, it is often not tested to work under a real life situation. Securatrak recommend that the correct processes are always considered around these steps. Have you considered the following? 
  • Ensure drivers are educated in activating emergency buttons
  • Having at least 3 people that the emergency alert is sent to at all times, this will ensure that alert is responded to.
  • The process is regularly reviewed with OH&S standards, making sure the process of escalation is current and relevant, while the key contacts are still the right people to contact
  • Determine the way of communication that key contacts are alerted of the situation this may be via email, pop up, SMS or if you utilise our Journey Management Centre a phone call can be made to the correct contact
It is all good and well to have a step-by-step process in place but if the above recommendations are not considered you are at risk of the plan falling down when it is required.

Securatrak can provide you with duress services where we can manage your escalation procedure. For more information Request an Info Pack on this service.