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Getting to know Fleet Complete!

15 Nov 2016   |   News
Getting to know Fleet Complete!
While we announced recently that we have been acquired by Fleet Complete, we want to give you the opportunity to learn more about the team and company as a whole.

Fleet Complete is an award-winning international telematics company, founded and headquartered in Toronto, Canada. Specialising in IoT (Internet of Things), Fleet Complete merges all tracking and management capabilities for fleets, assets and mobile workforce into an integrated platform, bringing all business operations to a single interface. In the last couple of years, the company has been actively expanding outside of North America into the European and Asia-Pacific markets, integrating with ITmobile in the Netherlands and Securatrak in South Australia.
Fleet Complete’s differentiating factor among competitors is its continuous strive to develop the most com
prehensive and versatile portfolio of solutions that help customers remove obstacles and complexities from their daily operations, while providing the right tools for their entrepreneurial success. From fleet, asset, equipment and workforce tracking; to automated time sheets, billing and invoicing; to internal fleet optimisation and vehicle diagnostics; to dispatch and advanced performance analysis reporting; to temperature sensors and tailor-made business logic applications, Fleet Complete keeps expanding its repertoire to digitally enhance and optimise all aspects of running a business. Meanwhile, to ensure reliable mobile services for their customers across the globe, the company secures exclusive partnerships with prominent telecom giants, such as T-Mobile in Europe, AT&T in the U.S. and Telstra in Australia.
Fleet Complete’s genesis is somewhat of a classic story about a small startup, founded by two university friends in 1998, that, over the years, grew into a global enterprise, servicing a variety of industries. Nowadays, with a five-year revenue growth of 109%, Fleet Complete has been recognised as one of Canada’s fastest growing companies in the technological sector, and it continues to receive accolades for its entrepreneurial achievements and contributions.


Meet our mascot, Matt - Mobile Asset Tracking Technician

Matt is an honest, trustworthy and hard-working person. An intuitive problem solver, his passion for efficiency serves him well, whether it is a professional or personal matter.
His mantra to ‘always help the person in need’ has allowed him to excel at his job and thrive in his personal life.
Matt always goes the extra mile, and never shies away from getting his hands dirty. Besides his ‘get the job done’ attitude, Matt is also one of those faces in the office that clients remember.