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Know what happens beyond the black stump

17 Nov 2014   |   News
Know what happens beyond the black stump
Does your fleet operate outside of Next G coverage? Our latest IVMS solution for remote locations allows you to source valuable vehicle information while avoiding expensive satellite data costs

Securatrak’s recent development of its Wi-Fi enabled IVMS hardware delivers the highest grade remote data downloading solution available. The Wi-Fi IVMS data downloading solution means that remote clients can now get the valuable data provided by the GO6 when they return back to remote camps.
In remote locations where Next G coverage doesn’t function, it is necessary to use Iridium satellite to track the location of a driver. However due to expensive satellite data costs, companies are limited to how much information they can receive via the device while out of the camp for the day.
Our new Wi-Fi solution allows you to download the valuable vehicle data such as trip history, harsh driving and 4WD engagement at the end of the day’s work and avoid expensive data costs. The Wi-Fi solution replaces our current RF solution that uses Securatrak’s GO4 devices in remote camps. 
Unlike our RF solution where drivers need to queue at the end of the day and download their data a few at a time, the Wi-Fi solution allows up to 256 vehicles to download at a time. This faster, more reliable form of downloading has a range of up to 400 meters and also doubles as Wi-Fi router.
We are excited to offer you faster; more reliable downloads using the latest in IVMS technology.
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