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Securatrak assist organisers in Tour Down Under

13 Feb 2015   |   News
Securatrak assist organisers in Tour Down Under
As the Tour Down Under concluded for its 16th year last month in Adelaide, we reflect on how Securatrak’s GO6 In Vehicle Monitoring System (IVMS) aided event organisers in running the event.

Securatrak provided units to SA Tourism, who then used the devices in race vehicles throughout the tour to help coordinate checkpoint arrivals and gain a better understanding as to the location of riders during each stage.

However the real value for event organisers came with the 10 units that were used in the annual BUPA challenge. Prior to stage 4 of the Tour Down Under over 6,000 amateur riders set off in a race against themselves, covering up to 151 km.

Organisers were able to fit devices to their ‘Sweep Wagon Vehicles’ which are used to pick up a participant who may require transport and can’t ride on to the next refreshment stop. When a rider phones into the call centre, organisers are able pinpoint the exact location of the nearest Sweep vehicle.

The benefit of using GPS vehicle tracking is that the call centre team is able to see which sweep vehicle is closest to the rider and navigate the vehicle to the rider in need. By increasing the efficiency of the process, organisers are able to increase the safety of all riders, while a more productive system means they can reduce the number of sweep vehicles resulting in reduced costs.

The other vehicle that is fitted with an IVMS device was the ‘Green Light Vehicle’ which sits at the tail of the race and indicates that there are no riders behind them. Tracking the ‘Green Light Vehicle’ via IVMS devices enables organisers to alert people ahead of time when to start closing down refreshment stands so resources can be used in other areas. This also assists emergency service groups such as SAPOL, SAAS and St John’s to understand when they can reduce their resources or begin to reopen road closures.

Securatrak are thrilled to be involved with such a big event for South Australian tourism for the 3rd consecutive year and hope to have continued involvement in the future. 

Image source, username: Stephen Michael Barnett
Used under the Creative Commons licence