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Securatrak launch latest Mobile Digital Video Recorder integration

27 Apr 2015   |   News
Securatrak launch latest Mobile Digital Video Recorder integration
Securatrak is pleased to announce the latest Mobile Digital Video Recorder integration available for your fleet management solution with the Zone Defender Plus Digital Video Recorder (DVR).

When introducing this latest technology with the MyGeotab Fleet Management platform, you will be able to not only report on the driving exceptions, but also see what was happening at that exact time from within and outside the vehicle. In addition to reports being provided on driving incidents such as speeding, harsh braking, impact and more, the solution will video bookmark these events allowing for complete review of the incidents.
This allows you to gain a complete understanding of what is happening on the road and not just relying on the data to make assumptions about driver behaviour. From this you can use the video as coaching opportunities to encourage safe driving and improve driver behaviour.
The Zone Defender Plus DVR will also prove invaluable in protecting your drivers, in particular when it comes to dealing with accident forensics, fraudulent events or even reviewing a dangerous situation.
With easy download via Wi-Fi to the MyGeotab all your reporting and video needs can be found under one convenient reporting portal.

Mark Holmes, Managing Director at Securatrak, commented on the addition of this new solution by explaining that “driver behaviour has a direct effect on both the safety of the driver and health of the vehicle, reviewing visual imagery and telematics data simultaneously not only allows fleet managers to provide further driver education but will also assist the driver when an incident or accident is outside of their control. No doubt this is why this technology is gaining great momentum as it not only assists Fleet & OH&S managers in their roles, but it also as the potential to reduce insurance expenses and defend employees from false accident claims.  

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