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AT5 Tracking Device

Plant and other mobile assets are often vulnerable to theft or misuse, especially when located at remote project sites.

The AT5 is Securatrak's latest asset tracking solution to ensure you have the ability track and secure your assets no matter where they are located in the world. This new compact design offers a more affordable solution while still maintaining a high level of features and functionality.

This asset tracking device is fully integrated with our MyGeotab Fleet Management Software providing you greater control over your entire fleet.

Securatrak's AT5 asset tracking solution delivers essential utilisation, maintenance and site management data, and help you keep control of large numbers of assets operating around the globe.

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  • Last known GPS location in Map View or longitude & latitude reference.
  • Reporting of location in pre-programmable timed intervals
  • Can be powered by 4 AAA batteries providing up to 1.5 years battery life 

  • Reports movement of your assets via motion sensor.
  • Dimensions: 6.85cm wide X 8.25cm long X 2.54cm high
  • Water & dust proof with robust IP68 rating

  • Global coverage allows you to manage your assets anywhere in the world
  • Powerful reporting and GPS mapping is integrated into our full suites of GPS fleet management technologies 

The benefits of the AT5 Tracking Device for your business

  • Location - notifications when assets arrive at their destination, depart or are moved without permission

  • Security - reports movement of your assets via motion sensor

  • Manage asset security and monitor events such as loading door openings, refrigeration temperature warnings and more

  • Utilisation - ensure mobile assets are being deployed effectively and efficiently at all locations

  • Scheduled Maintenance - manage assets for scheduled maintenance

  • Geo-fencing technology enables monitoring of sites, depot inventory levels, customer management and unauthorised asset use

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“We installed AT tracking devices to four high risk trailers across our fleet, and we’ve since recovered three of these after being stolen. Within 6 hours of theft one of our trailers already had new number plates and had been re-sprayed, so retrieving this trailer without Securatrak probably would have been impossible.”.- Rohan Davies-Moore, Proprietor - West Hire

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