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Duress Options

Securatrak has a number of duress options, from push button in-vehicle systems to complete remote mandown solutions.

Developed from our years of experience within the mining and resource sector, our systems use the latest in communications and GPS technology ensuring complete personnel visibility in the remotest of locations.
Securatrak’s duress options ensure the safety of your personnel wherever they are working. Lone workers are inherently at greater risk in the event of an accident or emergency, especially when travelling between remote sites, making it vital to provide a quick response to a precise location.

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• Ideal for workers in unsupervised or remote areas to quickly and accurately communicate an emergency message
• The press of a button prompts an alarm notification
• Remote duress options for workers working away from the vehicle
• Optional integrated motion sensors prompt an alert when the pendant is motionless for more than a specified period of time
• Alerts a designated list of recipients with the worker's ID and exact location
• Telstra Next G® and Iridium smart switching technology automatically switches to the Iridium satellite data network whenever the vehicle leaves the coverage of the Telstra NextG cellular network, ensuring your personnel are always within communication



Dash-mounted duress alarms can be fitted to the vehicle to ensure that help is always within reach. Your workers will have peace of mind that urgent help is only the push of a button away.


Portable duress pendants can be integrated to ensure that help is always within reach. Designed for personnel working away from their vehicle, the remote duress button can be activated up to 400m away from the vehicle, sending an instant alarm back to base with their exact location.


Securatrak's Man Down Pendant can be configured to activate when the unit is horizontal for a pre-set period of time with no movement detected, as may occur in the case of a head injury or heart attack. Or in the event of an emergency the pendant can be activated manually sending an instant alarm notification to senior personnel.

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Solutions using this Product

While the Man Down Pendant offers a range of features to benefit your business, see how it combines with other products to form a complete package for the following solutions:


Driver Safety

Developed from our years of experience in the Mining and Resource sector, our Driver Safety Module helps minimise the inherent risk to lone workers, utilising the very latest in communications and GPS technology.

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Journey Management Centre

Journey management planning is an essential process to ensure the safety of workers driving for extended periods, in often remote locations. We will ensure your people arrive safely on time, every time and allow you to quickly identify their location in an emergency

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Fleet Tracking

Securatrak GPS tracking offers a valuable insight into the every-day performance of your business and vehicle fleet. We provide you with the control to manage your fleet, reduce operating costs, identify efficiencies, and improve safety and driver performance.

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Securatrak's back-end support is second to none. - Sam Ward, Operations Manager - Beaumont Transport

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Mining, Oil & Gas

Large fleets, remote site locations, and stringent safety requirements make GPS tracking an essential element of any mining, oil or gas operation.

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Corporate & Government Fleets

Regardless of the size of your fleet, Securatrak offers state of the art tracking technology that will deliver an immediate return on investment.

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Our cost effective, easy to install GPS In-Vehicle Monitoring Systems make it easy to keep track of your most valuable assets and ensure your business is operating as efficiently as possible.

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