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Expand your Fleet Management Solution

Build your own Fleet Management Solution with IOX Technology

Securatrak recognises that no two businesses have identical operational requirements, nor that today's needs will necessarily be the same in the future.

Our IOX Expandable technology enables you to add additional features, functionality and third party devices to your Geotab GO7 Fleet Management solution. Invest only in what you need today, knowing that this future proof technology will meet tomorrow's requirements.

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The world's most expandable fleet management solution

When it comes to adding additional functionality to your Geotab GO7 fleet management solution, the options are almost limitless with our IOX expandable technology. As seen in the diagram below this technology plugs directly into your Geotab GO7 device, which then enables you to 'daisy chain' the additional devices you require for your unique solution.

What exciting products can be intergrated with the GO7 device?

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The benefits of the IOX Expandable Technology for your business

The introduction of IOX technology is to help Fleet Managers and business owners expand the capability of their GPS vehicle tacking solution, without needing to increase business costs or the size of their fleet tracking device. The benefit of using this technology for business manages is the ability to pick and choose only the capabilities they require for their unique business needs. In doing so, this helps:

  • Build your own solution - enables you to customise a solution based on the specific needs of your business
  • Reduce costs – you only need to pay for what you add on
  • Reduce in-vehicle hardware space – drivers won’t be restricted by space
  • Allow for future expandability – add to your solution as your business needs grow
  • Easy installation – there is no need to remove your existing device

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Value Added Technology - Customise your solution to suit your unique business requirements 

Through the unique IOX Expandable Technology you have the ability to add almost any third party device to your solution. By adding this device to your solution you will also be able to integrate this to the MyGeotab Fleet Management Software, allowing you to improve your reporting and decision making capabilities.

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National fleet service company improves driver safety and asset security with Securatak- Mick Keogh, Project Manager - Sargent Rental

Solutions using this product

By adding the above products to the Geotab GO7 platform you will expand the capabilities of your GPS Tracking Solution. To see how you business could benefit click on the solutions below:


Fleet Tracking

Securatrak GPS tracking offers a valuable insight into the every-day performance of your business and vehicle fleet. We provide you with the control to manage your fleet, reduce operating costs, identify efficiencies, and improve safety and driver performance.

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Driver Safety

Developed from our years of experience in the Mining and Resource sector, our Driver Safety Module helps minimise the inherent risk to lone workers, utilising the very latest in communications and GPS technology.

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Fleet Optimisation

Fleet Optimisation Solutions allow you to reduce the cost of keeping your fleet on the road while improving driving standards and the health of your vehicles.

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