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Iridium Satellite Module


Securatrak's Iridium Satellite Module plugs directly into your Geotab GO7, to ensure that your vehicles are always within communication range, even when your fleet leaves cellular network carrier coverage.

This ensures that the vehicle is tracked and in communication at ALL times - anytime, anywhere - making this solution the most comprehensive in terms of coverage, safety & performance available in today’s market.

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  • The Iridium Satellite network provides true global coverage
  • Iridium antennas have a low profile design, are internally installed - unlike external whip antennas synonymous with other satellite networks - are less susceptible to damage in the event of an accident, impact, or vehicle rollover
  • The Iridium network is extremely fast, providing the quickest possible alert notifications back to base in the event of an emergency
  • Over The Air (OTA) changes can be made to each vehicle, without the need for technician attendance
  • Securatrak’s ‘Smart Switching’ feature offers east cost data routing, so you only use satellite communications when you need it

Save on data costs with 'Smart Switching' Technology

Securatrak’s ‘Smart Switching’ feature automatically communicates back to base using the Telstra NextG® Network whenever it is within cellular coverage, however as soon as the vehicle leaves the cellular coverage, our GPS telemetry system automatically 'switches communications' to the Iridium Satellite network.


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Solutions using this Product

While the Iridium Satellite offers a range of features to benefit your business, see how it combines with other products to form a complete package for the following solutions:


Driver Safety

Developed from our years of experience in the Mining and Resource sector, our Driver Safety Module helps minimise the inherent risk to lone workers, utilising the very latest in communications and GPS technology.

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Journey Management Centre

Journey management planning is an essential process to ensure the safety of workers driving for extended periods, in often remote locations. We will ensure your people arrive safely on time, every time and allow you to quickly identify their location in an emergency

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Fleet Tracking

Securatrak GPS tracking offers a valuable insight into the every-day performance of your business and vehicle fleet. We provide you with the control to manage your fleet, reduce operating costs, identify efficiencies, and improve safety and driver performance.

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National fleet service company improves driver safety and asset security with Securatak- Mick Keogh, Project Manager - Sargent Rental

Related Industries

While the Iridium Satellite can be customised to suit any industry sector, the three identified below are where we commonly see this solution utilised. To see how it might apply to your industry sector click the view all industries button.


Mining, Oil & Gas

Large fleets, remote site locations, and stringent safety requirements make GPS tracking an essential element of any mining, oil or gas operation.

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Our cost effective, easy to install GPS In-Vehicle Monitoring Systems make it easy to keep track of your most valuable assets and ensure your business is operating as efficiently as possible.

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Service Sector

For businesses that have employees who are regularly out on the road or in remote areas, keeping track of their location and being able to provide immediate support in an emergency situation can be critical.

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