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Soteria Electronic Logbook

The faster, smarter, more accurate way to calculate your Fringe Benefits Tax return!

Calculating an FBT return has traditionally required your staff who use company vehicles for both business and private use to complete a paper logbook. This process is both time consuming and complex and can often contain incorrect data.

The Soteria Electronic Logbook solution is a simple and convenient way to automate your time consuming vehicle logbook and calculate your maximum FBT return. The ATO approved solution combines a Geotab GO device with a Soteria mobile application to ensure all your requirements are met and easily collated for reporting.

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  • Automated Trip Details
  • Reduce Admin Costs
  • Automated Odomoter Readings
  • Ease of Driver use
  • Enable maximum FBT return
  • Auditable

Guaranteed to meet ATO Requirements!

Trips are automatically recorded by the Geotab GO device which then sends the necessary data through to the Soteria mobile application. From here your driver can review each trip via the bread crumb map function and assign the correct information regarding business or personal use in a few easy steps, at a time convenient to them. Once completed the data is stored away and ready for ATO reporting.


Collecting the data!

The Electronic Logbook solution is powered by the Geotab GO7 vehicle tracking device. The Geotab GO7 can be self installed by plugging it directly into the vehicles Onboard Diagnostics port. The device then records and sends the relevant trip information to the Soteria Mobile Application via the Telstra Next G network.



Business or personal use?

The Soteria Electronic Logbook Application automatically populates the vehicle trip information that has been collected by the Geotab GO7 device. At the conclusion of your drivers trip or at a time convenient to them, they simply need to assign whether or not the trip was for business or personal use. Drivers are also reminded of any unassigned trips that need to be completed to ensure 100% accuracy.



Calculating your maximum FBT return

Once your driver has completed an entry, the data is then sent to Securatrak's secure hosted servers. Your admin team can then access the data from a convenient online portal. Using the solutions reporting function, you will be able to calculate your best 87 days period to ensure a maximum FBT return. These reports can then be easily submitted to the ATO when required.


Add MyGeotab for a complete Fleet Management Solution

The Soteria Eletcronic Logbook solution can be used as a stand alone solution or combined with the full set of features the Geotab GO7 device and MyGeotab software offers. This will provide you with the tools to run a smarter, safer more productive fleet with an immediate return on investment.



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