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GPS Tracking & Fleet Management Solutions

Fleet Tracking

Securatrak GPS tracking offers a valuable insight into the every-day performance of your business and vehicle fleet. We provide you with the control to manage your fleet, reduce operating costs, identify efficiencies, and improve safety and driver performance.

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Driver Safety

Developed from our years of experience in the Mining and Resource sector, our Driver Safety Module helps minimise the inherent risk to lone workers, utilising the very latest in communications and GPS technology.

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Fleet Optimisation

Securatrak's Fleet Optimisation Solutions allow you to reduce the cost of keeping your fleet on the road while improving driving standards and the health of your vehicles.

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Asset Tracking

Securatrak's Asset Tracking solution provides a low cost but effective means to track your organisation's most valuable assets from almost any location on the globe.

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Enterprise Services Group

Securatrak's Enterprise Services Group (ESG) is available to partially or fully outsource the day to day running of your fleet, without the need for your organisation to add additional resource and personnel.

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Journey Management Centre

Journey Management Planning is an essential process to ensure the safety of workers driving for extended periods, particularly in remote locations. Securatrak's Journey Management Centre will ensure your people arrive safely on time, every time and allow you to quickly identify their location in an emergency.

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