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Driver Safety: Market leading expertise in safety

Safety is not just about driver welfare. Owners, directors and managers can be held liable for accidents which occur on the road. With Securatrak you gain market leading expertise in safety to support and guide you towards solutions and technology which allows you to manage and reduce your risk factors.

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Why your company needs Securatrak's Driver Safety Solution

  • Workplace Health & Safety (WH&S) laws place a duty of care upon all companies to ensure the health and safety of their mobile workforce, including the vehicle fleet
  • When an accident does occur the cost of an accident to a company can be much more than just vehicle damage


  • Know where your fleet are at all times through live and historical tracking
  • Duress escalation systems for both inside and outside the vehicle
  • Instant accident notifications
  • Gain insight into your driver's on-road behaviour through risk & safety reporting
  • Improve driver performance with in-vehicle coaching with real time alerts
  • Ensure drivers are using their seatbelt
  • Diminish vehicle accidents through collision avoidance systems - Mobileye
  • Use Geofenced zones to alert and report on driver entering no go zones
  • Create custom driver rules to monitor their safety
  • Enhance lone and remote worker safety with Telstra Next G and Iridium smart switching technology
  • Investigate accidents with second by second accident recreation
  • Monitor and manage driver fatigue

What will the Driver Safety solution provide you?

  • Meet Workplace Health & Safety legislation
  • With Securatrak you gain market leading expertise in safety, to support and guide you towards solutions and technology to vastly reduce risk
  • Minimise the inherent risk to your lone workers
  • In case of an emergency quickly identify location and deploy search and rescue crews
  • Manage the dangers of Driver Fatigue
  • Accident prevention technology means you can reduce collisions
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Recommended Products for Driver Safety

While you can experience the basic features of the Driver Safety solution with our flagship Geotab GO7 & MyGeotab solution, to get the most out of this solution we recommend the following products:


Geotab GO7

Securatrak's Geotab GO7 GPS Tracking Device  is the most sophisticated telematics device available on the market and is suitable for a diverse range of vehicles. The solution gives your business the competitive edge by enabling you to make informed decisions and operate your fleet more efficiently and economically than ever before. The Geotab GO7 can report on and monitor every aspect of your fleets performance.

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MyGeotab Fleet Management Software

MyGeotab is the GPS fleet management software solution that brings Securatrak’s turn-key GPS tracking system together. With a huge array of standardised and customisable reports, it provides the complete fleet management system your company needs to manage your drivers efficiently and reduce your overall vehicle operating costs.

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Iridium Satellite Module

Our add-on Iridium Satellite Module plugs directly into the Geotab GO7, to ensure that your vehicles are always within communication range, even when your fleet leaves cellular network carrier coverage.

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Man Down Pendant

Portable duress pendants ensure the safety of your personnel wherever they are working.

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The Securatrak devices mean we depend on one system only for all of our operations, saving us time and money. We don’t have to rely 100 per cent on drivers to report accurate information as the vehicle activity statement provides those details. Our customers are receiving accurate information and our operational costs have dropped, making general running of the business smoother and more efficient.- Andrew Glasbrook, Operations Manager - CJP Hire

Related Industries

While our Driver Safety solution can be utilised by any industry sector to meet WH&S legislation, the three identified below are where we commonly see this soltuion at full capacity. To see how it might apply to your industry sector click the view all industries button.


Mining, Oil & Gas

Large fleets, remote site locations, and stringent safety requirements make GPS tracking an essential element of any mining, oil or gas operation.

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Our cost effective, easy to install GPS In-Vehicle Monitoring Systems make it easy to keep track of your most valuable assets and ensure your business is operating as efficiently as possible.

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Service Sector

For businesses that have employees who are regularly out on the road or in remote areas, keeping track of their location and being able to provide immediate support in an emergency situation can be critical.

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