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Enterprise Services Group: Making business easier

The Enterprise Services Group (ESG) have developed a range of fleet management software reporting solutions and a range of full turnkey services that will provide your company with the assistance you need to get the most out of your fleet.

To get maximum benefits from your Securatrak Fleet Management solution you will need to apply the necessary resources to the task. ESG is available to partially or fully outsource the day to day running of your fleet, without the need for your organisation to add additional resources and personnel.

No matter what the size of your fleet, we offer a complete suite of services to suit your needs

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  • Creation of custom reporting templates
  • Ensure your database is setup and reporting correctly from day one
  • Suite of standard reports that can be delivered daily, weekly, monthly
  • Time saving - data is simplified and presented in an easy to read format
  • Managing all driver movements within you organisation including the programming of driver ID equipment
  • Expert knowledge of software - our team has advanced knowledge of the software and can maximise the information coming out of the data
  • Our team can represent you in the event of a dispute - e.g. driver disputing speeding
  • Our advanced reporting suite ensure you have complete reporting covering all of your requirements
  • Managing vehicle movements through one or multiple databases
  • Arranging of all vehicle installations, including removal and refits
  • Complete database management including the creating and ongoing maintenance of zones driver and vehicle groups, administration authorisations, event notifications, distribution groups and so much more.

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Recommended Products for the ESG

While the Enterprise Services Group solution is designed around the data collected by the Geotab GO7 device & MyGeotab Fleet Management Software, using our IOX Expandable technology, see how our other products can benefit you:


Geotab GO7

Securatrak's Geotab GO7 Fleet Management solution is the most sophisticated telematics device available on the market and is suitable for a diverse range of vehicles. The solution gives your business the competitive edge by enabling you to make informed decisions and operate your fleet more efficiently and economically than ever before. The Geotab GO7 can report on and monitor every aspect of your fleets performance.

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MyGeotab Fleet Management Software

MyGeotab is the GPS fleet management software solution that brings Securatrak’s turn-key GPS tracking system together. With a huge array of standardised and customisable reports, it provides the complete fleet management system your company needs to manage your drivers efficiently and reduce your overall vehicle operating costs.

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IOX Expandable Technology

Securatrak's IOX Expandable technology enables you to add additional features, functionality and third party devices to your Geotab GO7 Fleet Management solution. Invest only in what you need today, knowing that this future proof technology will meet tomorrow's requirements.

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We appreciate the fact that Securatrak continually works with us to expand our reporting capabilities so we can fully utilise the journey management system- Michael Cassidy, QHSE Manager Australia - Saxon Energy Services

Related Industries

While our Enterprise Services Group solution can be customised to suit any industry sector, the three identified below are where we commonly see this solution utilised. To see how it might apply to your industry sector click the view all industries button. 


Mining, Oil & Gas

Large fleets, remote site locations, and stringent safety requirements make GPS tracking an essential element of any mining, oil or gas operation.

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Corporate & Government Fleets

Regardless of the size of your fleet, Securatrak offers state of the art tracking technology that will deliver an immediate return on investment.

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Our cost effective, easy to install GPS In-Vehicle Monitoring Systems make it easy to keep track of your most valuable assets and ensure your business is operating as efficiently as possible.

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