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Fleet Tracking: Improve the productivity and efficiency of your fleet

Imagine what it would mean for your business if, using only your existing resources, you could achieve 5 more trips per day and simultaneously improve your customer service? Securatrak can give you this advantage.

Securatrak is constantly developing new technologies which allow you to increase your productivity. We can show you how to generate more revenue and value from your fleet, regardless of the size.

Securatak's GPS Fleet Tracking solution provides you with critical data that enables you to make informed decisions on the operations of your business as well as your vehicle fleet. It is one thing to know the location of your drivers but our Fleet Tracking Solutions enhance this capability by providing total control of your entire fleet operations which will result in a more productive and efficient fleet.

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Why your company needs Securatrak's Fleet Tracking Solution?

  • You are under pressure to improve efficiency and productivity
  • You feel like you could be getting more out of your fleet but don’t know how
  • You want to know what your vehicles are up to at all times

driver productivity management      


  • Live and historical tracking of your vehicle fleet
  • An improved job dispatch solution
  • Monitor driver behaviour with driver scorecard reports
  • Understand vehicle activity in pre determined zones
  • Manage individual driver behaviour with driver ID keys
  • Compile accurate reports on billing and staff wages
  • Create customised exception rules for your drivers
  • Turn by turn activity trackers to see the precise route your vehicle has taken
  • Create routes based on zone location to get the most out of your drivers day

What will the Fleet Tracking Solution provide you?

  • A more productive and organised fleet
  • Valuable insights into vehicle and driver performance
  • A better relationship with your customers through improved service
  • A greater understanding of your fleets day to day operations

fleet productivity reports

Active Tracking

See positional updates faster than ever before!

Active Tracking couples an increase in the frequency of data transmission from the GO device and our patented smart algorithms in MyGeotab. The result is an animation of the vehicle seemlessly moving around the map in real time - producing a very accurate view of where the vehilce is and what it is doing at every moment in time.

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Recommended Products for Fleet Tracking

While you can experience the basic features of the fleet tracking solution with our flagship Geotab GO7 & MyGeotab solution, to get the most out of this solution we recommend the following products.


Geotab GO7

The Geotab GO7 GPS Tracking Device is the most sophisticated telematics device available on the market and is suitable for a diverse range of vehicles. The solution gives your business the competitive edge by enabling you to make informed decisions and operate your fleet more efficiently and economically than ever before. The Geotab GO7 can report on and monitor every aspect of your fleets performance.

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MyGeotab Fleet Management Software

MyGeotab is the GPS fleet management software solution that brings Securatrak’s turn-key GPS tracking system together. With a huge array of standardised and customisable reports, it provides the complete fleet management system your company needs to manage your drivers efficiently and reduce your overall vehicle operating costs.

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Garmin Go Connect

Go Connect is the exciting integration of Securatrak’s proven GPS Telematics platform utilising Garmin 2597LMT satellite navigation data terminal.

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Iridium Satellite Module

Our add-on Iridium Satellite Module plugs directly into the Geotab GO7, to ensure that your vehicles are always within communication range, even when your fleet leaves cellular network carrier coverage.

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The Securatrak devices mean we depend on one system only for all of our operations, saving us time and money. We don’t have to rely 100 per cent on drivers to report accurate information as the vehicle activity statement provides those details. Our customers are receiving accurate information and our operational costs have dropped, making general running of the business smoother and more efficient.- Andrew Glasbrook, Operations Manager - CJP Hire

Related Industries

While our Fleet Tracking solution can be customised to suit any industry sector, the three identified below are where we commonly see this solution utilised. To see how it might apply to your industry sector click the view all industries button. 


Our cost effective, easy to install GPS In-Vehicle Monitoring Systems make it easy to keep track of your most valuable assets and ensure your business is operating as efficiently as possible.

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Corporate & Government Fleets

Regardless of the size of your fleet, Securatrak offers state of the art tracking technology that will deliver an immediate return on investment.

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Service Sector

For businesses that have employees who are regularly out on the road or in remote areas, keeping track of their location and being able to provide immediate support in an emergency situation can be critical.

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