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Journey Management Centre: Ensure the safety of your lone workers

Journey management planning is an essential process to ensure the safety of workers driving for extended periods, in often remote locations. Ensure your people arrive safely on time, every time with Securatrak's Journey Management Centre.

While not all late arrivals represent an emergency, knowing where your personnel are at any given time is critical to worker safety. In the event of an emergency situation your team is able to precisely locate all employees, in the shortest possible time.

Securatrak's dedicated Journey Management Centre provides your organisation with a professional partner to record and manage your essential journey management plans in real time. We can ensure the safe passage and arrival of your mobile workforce by monitoring their progress against their logged itinerary.

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Why your company needs the Journey Management Centre

  • You have a large fleet of vehicles to monitor and manage
  • Do not have the dedicated resources of time to monitor your fleets location
  • You need someone to enforce mandatory stops to combat driver fatigue to meet legislation


  • Journey Management Plans - our operators log your specific journey itinerary
  • Tailored to your organisations OH&S needs and processes
  • Detailed journey management reports for all drivers within your organisation
  • Automated distribution - reports are emailed at predetermined periods - daily, weekly, or monthly - to your designated distribution list
  • Driver fatigue management – operators ensure that your drivers are complying with your fatigue management processes.

What does a Journey Management Plan involve?

  • Vehicle details
  • Driver Details
  • Departure time and location
  • Arrival time and location for single or multiple trips
  • Travel duration times
  • Compliance with driver fatigue management processes
  • Duress notifications, sensor warnings or other incidents
  • Monitoring of travel progress utilising GPS IVMS technology
  • In the event of a duress or non-arrival incident, our operators will follow your organisational escalation procedures to ensure the safety of your personnel

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Recommended Products for Journey Management

While you can still enjoy the services offered by the Journey Management Centre without any of the products below, to ensure you drivers safety we reccomend combining the following products with the Journey Management Centre's services:


Geotab GO7

Securatrak's Geotab GO7 Fleet Management solution is the most sophisticated telematics device available on the market and is suitable for a diverse range of vehicles. The solution gives your business the competitive edge by enabling you to make informed decisions and operate your fleet more efficiently and economically than ever before. The Geotab GO7 can report on and monitor every aspect of your fleets performance.

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Iridium Satellite Module

Our add-on Iridium Satellite Module plugs directly into the Geotab GO7, to ensure that your vehicles are always within communication range, even when your fleet leaves cellular network carrier coverage.

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Man Down Pendant

Portable duress pendants ensure the safety of your personnel wherever they are working.

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The Securatrak devices mean we depend on one system only for all of our operations, saving us time and money. We don’t have to rely 100 per cent on drivers to report accurate information as the vehicle activity statement provides those details. Our customers are receiving accurate information and our operational costs have dropped, making general running of the business smoother and more efficient.- Andrew Glasbrook, Operations Manager - CJP Hire

Related Industries

While our Journey Management solution can be customised to suit any industry sector, the three identified below are where we commonly see this solution utilised. To see how it might apply to your industry sector click the view all industries button. 


Mining, Oil & Gas

Large fleets, remote site locations, and stringent safety requirements make GPS tracking an essential element of any mining, oil or gas operation.

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Our cost effective, easy to install GPS In-Vehicle Monitoring Systems make it easy to keep track of your most valuable assets and ensure your business is operating as efficiently as possible.

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Corporate & Government Fleets

Regardless of the size of your fleet, Securatrak offers state of the art tracking technology that will deliver an immediate return on investment.

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