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Who can use a Securatrak system?

Anyone or any company that wants to track the performance and activities of their vehicle fleet and drivers can use GPS tracking and management solutions.

How does GPS tracking work?

The Geotab vehicle unit is installed out of sight in the vehicle. The built-in GPS communicates with satellites orbiting the earth and records the vehicle position, speed and time. The data in the vehicle unit is then transferred to a powerful software application using either a low-cost data key solution, or a wireless / GPRS solution. The software allows the user to see the trips, stops and any violations on a detailed computer map and to view instant reports that are generated using Microsoft Excel.

What questions will GPS tracking and management solutions answer for my business?

  • How much time are my drivers spending at customer sites?
  • How much time and how much fuel am I losing from idling engines?
  • Are my drivers speeding and where?
  • How long and how far are my vehicles traveling i.e. am I making full use of expensive assets?
  • How much is asset abuse really costing my company?
  • What time are my drivers starting work and what time are they completing their shifts?
  • How many minutes of pre and post trip time are there?
  • Are my drivers arriving on time for their deliveries?
  • Are my drivers making unauthorised stops?
  • Are my drivers running on time throughout their scheduled routes?
  • How productive are my assets?
  • Is there abuse in my staff overtime claims?
  • Are my sales representatives keeping to the required calling rates?

What makes Securatrak systems different from any other vehicle tracking system?

Securatrak is Australasia's preferred supplier of advanced GPS fleet tracking and journey management solutions, with a proven track record dating back to the earliest days of GPS innovation. We are wholly Australian owned and operated, with a national team backed up by locally-based service and support. Securatrak is committed to continuous innovation, delivering the world's leading GPS fleet manangement technologies to our clients.

Who will benefit from a Securatrak system?

GPS fleet tracking and journey management solutions can be used to monitor any vehicle fleet. Some examples are:

  • Municipal Road Fleets
  • Tourism and School Bus Fleets
  • Trucking
  • Delivery
  • Security
  • Rental
  • Leasing
  • Service
  • Sales
  • Contracting
  • Recycling
  • Waste Management
  • Personal use

Why is GPS fleet tracking and management defined as a productivity solution for your business?

Securatrak's solutions will not only help you to clamp down on vehicle abuse and costs but it will also encourage the drivers to enhance their productivity. Fuel usage can be halved in some instances by simply assessing the driver’s routes, unnecessary stopping points, idling times and or over-revving. Our systems provide the user with:

  • Activity Reports
  • Customer Visits Reports
  • Exception Rule Reports (shows what rules were broken)
  • Live vehicle monitoring
  • Risk Management Reports
  • Speed Profile Reports
  • Trip Lists Reports (electronic log book)
  • Engine Idling reports
  • Accident reports
  • Delivery reports and many more customised reports

What size does my fleet need to be to benefit?

Securatrak's solutions can be used on any sized fleet from 1 – 100,000 vehicles.

Can I run my nationwide fleet with Securatrak?

Yes, Securatrak's platform supports a three tier hierarchy where the national fleet can be monitored and controlled at branch, regional or central head office level. The data from the vehicles are downloaded on to one central server. Branches will have access to their vehicles only, regional offices will have access to all the vehicles in their regional branches only and central head office access to the entire national fleet.

Securatraks streamlined approach made it easy to implement its fleet management system.

- Michael Cassidy, QHSE Manager Australia - Saxon Energy Services

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